Boy in black with iPadIdaho’s K-12 Report Card is designed to provide public accountability for the state’s public education system and presents information required by current federal and state law, plus other information determined to be helpful for the public to evaluate the state’s schools. Individuals with questions may contact the state’s Assessment and Accountability Department at (208) 332-6877.

To access information, visit and then click on the “Academic Indicators” or “Non-Academic Indicators” tab to navigate to specific data.


Most assessment and accountability data is reported by district, school or state aggregate totals. Many reports also will be reported in separate or disaggregated categories including:


  • Content area tested (e.g. math, science, etc.)
  • Grade level tested
  • Demographic groups (e.g. Hispanic, Asian, etc.)
  • Program groups (e.g. Special Education, English Learner, etc.)


Throughout the Report Card, some cells may show a set of dots (…) instead of a number. This indicates the information was redacted in accordance with federal and state student data privacy laws.